From Current Chaos To Positive Future

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When you respond to a chaotic situation with action (or thought), you send out your own "ripples" to interact with what's already there. Is it possible to go from current chaos to a positive future? The volume of events on the national and international stage - and the compression of time - is amplifying the feelings of stress, [...]

London Gold Market Secrecy: $52 Trillion And Counting

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An insightful, thought-provoking infographic, put out by this week visually illustrates the enormous amount of gold traded on an annual basis on the London Gold Market. In 2015, 88.03% of all gold traded globally (1,355,400 tonnes) was traded on the London gold market. That is both a staggering and unbelievable amount of gold, especially when you consider the daily trading volume in London is 5500 [...]