Preparing For Disruptions Of Any Scale Is Always A Good Exercise

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I was traveling this week and a local municipality issued a water boil alert. People weren’t too panicked. Restaurants still functioned. They served soda, milk, coffee and tea - because the water in the coffee and tea was boiled. However, the McDonald’s drive-thru had no fountain drinks. Their meal packages came with a bottle of water in lieu of a [...]

From Current Chaos To Positive Future

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When you respond to a chaotic situation with action (or thought), you send out your own "ripples" to interact with what's already there. Is it possible to go from current chaos to a positive future? The volume of events on the national and international stage - and the compression of time - is amplifying the feelings of stress, [...]

When In Doubt Speak Up: Clarification Leads To Change And Growth

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When in doubt, speak up. Simple words. But what happens when someone you have to deal with isn’t, in your opinion, making the best decisions for you or a situation you are involved with? Are you prepared to speak up? For some, the action of "speaking up" is becoming more difficult in the face of peer pressure from various media (including social media) that would prefer [...]

Do Sub-Prime Auto Defaults Signal Another 2008 Financial Crisis?

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Just prior to the 2008 financial crash, a client discussed with me how alarmed he was about all the sub-prime auto loans being written by certain banking institutions at that time. As alarmist as our conversation was, it was nothing compared with what actually happened later in 2008 when the auto industry (and the rest of the economy) collapsed. That collapse [...]