From Current Chaos To Positive Future

When you respond to a chaotic situation with action (or thought), you send out your own “ripples” to interact with what’s already there. Is it possible to go from current chaos to a positive future?

The volume of events on the national and international stage – and the compression of time – is amplifying the feelings of stress, fear and futility in the average person – not just financially, but socially and politically as well.

  • The aftermath of the Brexit vote continues. Redemptions for six (6) UK property funds are now frozen which means over half of the UK’s $32B property investment sector is on hold until further notice.
  • Horrendous violence has taken place in multiple locations throughout the U.S.
  • Rancor in the presidential race has reached new heights.

Then there was the lengthy Alan Greenspan interview on Bloomberg just over a week ago. Some think he is trying to redefine his legacy as a former “gold bug” in his sunset years now that he is 90. I hold a much different view of Mr. Greenspan’s legacy which I have written about in the past.

Greenspan did make a good point on Bloomberg. In fact, it was the takeaway of the interview which the interviewers glossed right over because they were so interested to get on to their next question.

Greenspan said: “root productivity growth for more than 2/3 of the OECD countries (which are the Organization for Economic Co-Operation and Development – made up 35 countries) has been less than 1/2 of 1% for the past 5 years.” He went on to say: “we have a general stagnation in developed countries which is causing desperation on the part of the electorate.”

That “desperation” as Greenspan calls it, is the greatest threat to economic stability, freedom and safety. Because desperation simmers, and can cause not gradual, measured change. But rather, abrupt and sometimes volatile change, that can produce unwanted and unintended consequences.

The Brexit fallout and repercussions will impact you. The violence in the streets of America will impact you. The rancor in the presidential race will impact you. The financial desperation that has permeated over 2/3 of the OECD countries has already impacted you.

All of these occurrences send out various kinds of ripples. Ripples are amazing things. They send out a form of energy that cannot help but impact what lie in their path.

When you respond to current chaos with action (or thought) you too, send out your own ripples that interact with what’s already there and (potentially) set the stage for a more positive future.

Choose your responses wisely. Remember: the future (your future) is not something you have to endure, but rather, it is something you have an opportunity to create.

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