When In Doubt Speak Up: Clarification Leads To Change And Growth

When in doubt, speak up. Simple words. But what happens when someone you have to deal with isn’t, in your opinion, making the best decisions for you or a situation you are involved with? Are you prepared to speak up?

For some, the action of “speaking up” is becoming more difficult in the face of peer pressure from various media (including social media) that would prefer to “tell” us what to think, instead of investigating first, and reporting (or discussing) second.

Or in the case of your healthcare, if you’ve moved or had reason to change providers for some other reason, instead of providing “continuity of care” on a treatment or medical regimen that is known to work for you, the new provider, because of inexperience, bias, or the “not initially prescribed here” syndrome decides they want to experiment on your health within the limits of their current knowledge – and in the process not even listen to your prior medical history and track record – or expand their knowledge base with new information.

Or what about the other experts we all may have to deal with from time to time. Financial planners or bankers who believe there is no ongoing financial crisis, and thus no cause for concern in the economy. And the list goes on.

Realistically, most of the time, the professionals we deal with really do have our best interests in mind. But what happens when maybe, they don’t? 

Unfortunately, most people are surprised nowadays when someone speaks up and asks that a situation be clarified or remedied. 

This one action – of speaking up – where you respond to a situation (instead of reacting to it) is probably the best litmus test for ascertaining other peoples’ appetite for change and growth. 

Yet this one action – of speaking up – and asking that a situation be clarified or remedied, often leads to a misallocation of frustration and anger being directed at the messenger – which could be you – instead of focusing on the situation at hand.

Few people like uncomfortable questions or difficult topics. However change requires that these subjects be addressed. 

There are certain times where your well-being, the well-being of others, your integrity and self-respect will be party to a situation where you will need to speak up, even if its uncomfortable. 

Chaos is growing in the media, both mainstream and the ever-expanding alternative media. Everyone wants to be the first (with the worst). Thoughtful analysis is becoming a casualty. 

That’s why when you read, watch, listen or participate in something that sets off alarm bells (no matter how silent) you must take notice. When a professional tries to persuade you from doing something that (you already know) is in your best interest, or talk you into doing something that (you already know) isn’t in your best interest, you may be called upon to perform one of the simplest, yet most difficult tasks there is.

And that is: when in doubt, speak up.

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