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Is Social Security Website Telling You the Whole Truth?

September 21, 2018|

Bottom-line up-front: The government’s only capital asset is you. The solution [in practice] to trust fund solvency means more taxes, a reduced standard of living, or both. Debt-based Ponzi schemes never end well.

There is a page on the Social Security website entitled Trust Fund FAQ. I highly recommend reading this page firsthand. For brevity, I’ll share a few sections for the purpose of this discussion.

  • What are the social security trust funds? The Social Security Trust Funds are the Old-Age and Survivors Insurance (OASI) and the Disability […]

Executive Order on Election Interference Provides Sanctions for US and Foreign Persons

September 14, 2018|

Bottom-line up-front: President Trump’s Executive Order (EO) issued September 12, 2018 is a game changer for [real] election interference. While most people are busy riding the daily emotional roller coaster of Mainstream Media (MSM),  this EO is where the REAL action is taking place.

On September 12th, 2018, President Trump issued an Executive Order. Do you know about it? Have you read it? If you’re a consumer of Mainstream Media (MSM) news, chances are you haven’t heard about […]

Student Loan Debt Causes Rethink of College, Loans, Life

September 7, 2018|

Bottom-line up-front: Student loan debt equals time when calculated against your potential lifespan. When life is being delayed [up to] 10 years after graduation for some college students (because of debt). When debt transfers away years of potential wealth accumulation from the accounts of the many – into the accounts of the few. Maybe its time to rethink debt, college and life.

Move Over Fake News Student Loan Debt is Real

Against the backdrop of ever-increasing fake news (propaganda) of imaginary sources, books based on weaponized innuendo, paid protesters caught on camera, and circus-like antics at […]

Germany Wants Replacement SWIFT System

August 31, 2018|

Bottom-line up-front: In the absence of credible economic arguments, Germany’s foreign minister, Heiko Maas, is making political threats disguised as economic arguments. Assuming US market access remains important to EU companies, business will continue to trump political arguments in the foreseeable future.

Reuters, Financial Times, ZeroHedge and others reported that Germany is calling for a global payment system independent of the US.

An Alternative SWIFT System?

Germany’s foreign minister, Heiko Maas, recently advocated for the creation of a new payments system independent of the US. He believes a new SWIFT-like […]

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