Robert Ian, CEO of Change Management International, speaks at corporate, association and educational events.

Robert Ian is Las Vegas’ resident keynote speaker and business entertainer. He will astound you with magic, illusion and the power of your mind. Even more, he’ll get you thinking in new ways about work, life and success.

Robert does more than simply talk, he touches lives. His keynotes and entertainment shows help individuals, teams and organizational leaders “crack the code” of rapid change by transforming everyday challenges into powerful new opportunities. He will help you shatter imaginary limitations and achieve immediate performance breakthroughs.

Robert has served as a trusted partner at over 3000 successful meetings worldwide and has entertained for international celebrities, political leaders and Olympic athletes.

Robert was an early-adopter in the field of internet radio communications. From 2007-2020, his analysis of business and economic changes was heard by a global audience on Radio whose guests included Steve Forbes, Robert Kiyosaki & Warren Buffet. Robert’s commentaries traced the run up to (and aftermath of) the 2008 economic crisis. He discussed how individuals and organizations could align, redirect and prepare themselves for success based on rapid and volatile change. And what to do if (when) it happens again.

Robert is CEO of Change Management International and speaks at corporate, association and educational events. He is author of the audio learning system Expanding the Power of Your Mind™ and the book How to Identify, Master and Conquer Change™. His keynotes and entertainment shows will help you walk away with more perspective, more understanding, more options and more solutions for conquering change.

Robert’s research, consulting and marketing firm monitors business, economic and social trends to help clients align and redirect the forces of rapid change into solution-based outcomes.

Robert has appeared on ABC, CBS, NBC and the FOX television networks. He has interviewed over 1000 CEO’s, business executives and government leaders. His client list covers a wide range of industries over 25 years and includes many Fortune 500 companies.

Robert is past president of the National Speakers Association (WI) 2007-2008 where he was honored with the chapter’s specially created “Visionary Award” for outstanding leadership. The Visionary Award is not an annual award category. This award is only given when a rare leader emerges. A visionary award winner is a person of unusually keen foresight. This person moves forward, with enthusiasm and little regard for the limits of what is actually possible.

Robert delivers solid take-home skills that will transform your ability to conquer change. He shows how the content of his remarks can be applied personally and professionally. His presentations never fail to challenge and entertain.