How Washington Will Deal With A Government Shutdown

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Where have the discussions gone about all the important issues? What happened to the March 15th budget deadline? And the fact that a fierce and vicious budget debate looms in our immediate future? But no one will discuss it now - let alone commit to a plan for solving it - ahead of time. A friend emailed me [...]

Home Ownership At 51 Year Low: Millenials Avoid Becoming Geographic Prisoners

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An Associated Press article reports that the current US home ownership rate of 62.9% now matches its lowest level in 51 years, suggesting that a combination of rising property prices, high rents and stagnant pay have made it hard for many people, in particular millennials, to buy homes. The biggest impact is currently on 18 to 34 year olds whose home ownership fell 0.7% [...]

From Current Chaos To Positive Future

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When you respond to a chaotic situation with action (or thought), you send out your own "ripples" to interact with what's already there. Is it possible to go from current chaos to a positive future? The volume of events on the national and international stage - and the compression of time - is amplifying the feelings of stress, [...]

Brexit Is About Renegotiating Rules Of Engagement For EU

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Any country that pushes itself back from its current place at the EU table will do so only to have a seat at the "new" negotiating table which is being set as we speak. Brexit is about renegotiating the "rules of engagement" for the EU. Since the attention-getting Brexit vote one week ago, just about everyone you can imagine [...]

Hotel Brexit: Checkout Anytime But Never Leave?

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All eyes have been on the U.K. 52/48 Brexit vote which was in favor of the United Kingdom becoming the first country to leave the 28 member European Union. This could become a Hotel California (Hotel Brexit) where you can checkout anytime, but can never leave. Only time will tell.  We are going to hear a lot about [...]

Do Sub-Prime Auto Defaults Signal Another 2008 Financial Crisis?

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Just prior to the 2008 financial crash, a client discussed with me how alarmed he was about all the sub-prime auto loans being written by certain banking institutions at that time. As alarmist as our conversation was, it was nothing compared with what actually happened later in 2008 when the auto industry (and the rest of the economy) collapsed. That collapse [...]

Is The 4.7% Unemployment Rate Accurate?

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The unemployment rate in the US officially fell to 4.7% for the month of May according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS). That low number is despite the fact that job creation was - according to their own numbers - quite weak. Only 38,000 new jobs were apparently added during the month of May. How did the unemployment number go down? It’s a very counter-intuitive process. [...]